Nintendo 2016 Wrap-Up and 2017 Predictions

2017 predictions:
-$249 USD price
-will be able to login with existing Nintendo Account, basic NNID details will carry over, like friends and Miis
-VC will be a slow trickle yet again. You’ll be able to re-buy previously purchased 3DS and Wii U VC games as they come out for a $1-2 upgrade fee, but anything still in Wii mode will be stuck there forever
-GameCube games will come to Switch VC, and work with the WiiU GC adapter, as well as Switch branded version

-purchases made through Nintendo Account will actually be tied to that account
-you can log out of one system and into another, bringing your purchases and even saves over
-BUT you can only use your account on one system at a time
-no awful transfer system like going from Wii-WiiU
-OS, store, and online system will be like an upgraded version of what’s on WiiU, in other words, not awful. Nintendo Voice Chat will finally be realized.

-the NES Mini will be readily available in stores by March, just in time to be in the way of Switch shelf space
-Nintendo will finally get its marketing act together, and the general public will actually grasp the concept of the system – leading to it actually selling well, but not phenomenon territory. I predict 3DS like sales, minus the crazy emergency pride drop
-later in the year, we’ll learn that Retro is making an original IP game, while Monster Games is making a 3rd DKCR game
-we’ll get the SNES Mini for Christmas next year, and they’ll actually make enough of them
-by then it will also be obvious that the Switch has replaced both Nintendo’s home console and handheld lines, with 3DS software drying up after announced titles are out
-we’ll be hearing rumours of a portable-focused Switch model by the end of the year, to be released March 2018