Image: XBox One. Microsoft.

Following waves of confusion and negativity after its XBox One reveal a couple weeks ago, Microsoft has finally released a concise explanation of how gaming will “work” on the system. Specifically:

  • You can play for up to 24 hours on your own system without connecting to the internet or one hour if you’re logged into somebody else’s XBox. After that, you’ve gotta have a little chat with the internet or you are XBoned.
  • Up to ten family members (or family-like bros) can play your games on their systems. You and up to one other person can play your games at the same time on different machines
  • Game publishers can decide to allow you to trade-in your games at “participating retailers.” (Hint: they most often won’t, and if they ever do it will be at GameStop. Goodbye indie shops!) Microsoft won’t get a cut, but the publishers can and surely will.
  • You can give your games to your friends, but only if they’ve been on your friends list for at least 30 days. Also, a game can only be given once. They can’t pass it on again.
  • Loaning and renting games won’t be possible at launch, but Microsoft is looking into it. You know, out of generosity.

The power of next generation technology! Finally, I’ll be able to share my games with my friends and even get ripped off at GameStop!

As if Microsoft didn’t look bad enough after all of this, it has now been revealed that the company has cancelled its post-press conference round-table with the media as well as several 1-on-1 interviews with the press. I’m sure it’s nothing though, MS staff are probably just busy.

Microsoft confirms worst XBox One fears, plans to hide from media at E3