E3 is almost upon us. Just a few days until the biggest names in gaming reveal brand new hardware and brand new software to play on it. That’s tantalizingly close, which means it’s also painfully far away. Well I’m here to soothe your aching drive for E3 news with this look back at the most memorable moments in E3 history.

In this piece, I’ll explore numbers 10 through 6 of the most brain-melting-ly awesome, crazy, and horrible E3 moments. You can read about entries 5 through 1 right here.

10. Reggie’s body is ready (2007)

Nintendo had a decent showing in 2007, introducing Mario Kart Wii and dating both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy.

The real highlight, however, was when Miyamoto asked Reggie Fils-Aime to help him demonstrate the all new Wii Fit and its corresponding Balance Board.

Reggie stepped up and announced “my body… my body is ready.” The line didn’t have much impact at the time, but the internet meme machine caught on to Reggie in 2010, sussing out a slightly disturbing subtext to the remark.

9. Project Milo hands out free comas (2009)

In 2009, Microsoft unveiled their answer to motion control with what is now known as the rather successful Kinect. Back then, it was called Project Natal, and the add-on had a bit of a rough debut.

Project Milo was shown off by frequent over-promise-r Peter Molyneux. The Lionhead developed demo was a hype-killing derailment from the rest of E3. Gamers and the press later found much of what Molyneux promised out of reach of what could actually be done with Kinect, and Project Milo led to nothing but a lot of pedophilia jokes.

Also at Microsoft’s show that year, the bottom of an avatar’s shoe… bam!

8. Peter Moore’s tattoo (2006)

In 2006, Microsoft made its best effort to keep attention focused on the X-Box 360 while Nintendo and Sony were showing the new Wii and PS3 consoles.

Peter Moore was able to pull that off simply by rolling up his shirt sleeves. The then Corporate VP of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division announced Grand Theft Auto IV was coming to the 360 by revealing the game’s logo tattooed on his arm.

Best of all, Moore managed to sneak in the line “I save the big guns for the big guns.”

7. Konami brings “excite” (2010)

Konami’s conference at E3 2010 was a parade of awkward that featured frightening stares, luchadore wrestlers, pauses for cheers that never came, and bad magic tricks. Broken English had its biggest day ever, with phrases like “one million troops… wow,” “you will be sucked,” “extreeeeeeme,” and “very very excite” being coined and subsequently inserted into the lexicon of gamers. Konami’s show received plenty of attention, but probably more of it positive than negative. E3 spectators came around to the compilation of crazy, finding it to be a campy Rocky Horror-esque experience.

6. Nintendo’s musical disaster (2008)

Nintendo’s 2008 presentation stands as one of the poorest on record. Where Konami’s 2010 show held an undeniable amusement factor, Nintendo’s E3 2008 was nothing but continuous groin shots to the Nintendo faithful.

This was the show in which Cammie Dunaway, whose brief stint as Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing is thankfully over, made her debut. She did this by playing Shaun White Snowboarding on a Wii Balance Board and chatting about her kids. No one cared.

Wii Music was the largest tumour of the show. Long embarrassing stretches of time were dedicated to demoing the title. These included a man rocking out way too hard with a Wiimote, and Miyamoto himself pretending to play a saxophone.

Other miserable moments included the reveal of Animal Crossing: City Folk and its corresponding barely-functional accessory, Wii Speak.

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