PlayStation 4

Image: PlayStation 4. Sony.

The next conference up is Sony’s! After Microsoft announced a startlingly high $499 price point for XBox One, it’s up to Sony to swoop in and save the day. Or, you know, out-disaster Microsoft. We’ll see.

Stick around, I’ll be live blogging Sony’s conference 7pm Mountain time, 6pm Pacific. Watch along here.

9:04 No release date. And we’re out.


9:02 $399. BOOM X BOOM.

9:01 Gaikai will give PS4, PS3, and Vita systems PS3 games FROM THE CLOUD.

9:00 Destiny finally wraps.

8:57 Suck it, Microsoft.

8:55 Destiny demo drags ever onward.

8:52 I somehow missed this. Online multiplayer is going to require PS+ on PS4. So close to perfection, Sony.

8:47 World premiere of Destiny on now.

8:44 PS+ memberships will carry over to PS4.

8:43 No online check-in, no online connection required.

8:42 If you buy a game, you can sell it to a store or a friend, lend it out, or keep it forever. Cutting deep.

8:41 Thunderous applause.


8:40 Jack Tretton retakes the stage. Let’s get the business announcements in!

8:39 Umm, yeah, actually.

8:38 I think I’m watching a Mad Max trailer.

8:37 The Elder Scrolls Online. Apparently narrated by Dumbledore. Beta on PS4 first.

8:36 Thankfully moving on to Bethesda’s next Elder Scrolls game, I hear Dumbledore.

8:34 Lebron is trash talking his video game self for NBA 2k. Ugh.

8:33 Finally moving on from Watch_Dogs… to talk sports. Oh no.

8:29 This just keeps going. Yawn.

8:25 Watch_Dogs dude rolls out. Save us.

8:23 The game keeps glitching out. Yikes. Super embarrassing.

8:20 Assassin’s Creed IV being shown in-depth. I can’t even focus on the screen. I’m still in bleary-eyed bliss at the idea of Square Enix actually making games again.

8:19 FFXIV is coming to PS3 and PS4. My god Sony, unbelievable. You win.

8:17 Now we’re looking at Kingdom Hearts. It’s III, IT’S III!!!!

8:16 Ohahahdhfasjdhfdaldas it IS Final Fantasy XV.

8:15 I have no idea how this game plays. Real time action, apparently.

8:13 Versus trailer is happening. I can’t believe my eyes. It exists. But what’s it called?

8:13 Versus teased, promises more in the next few days.

8:12 Square Enix time. Boom.

8:11 Blizzard is bringing Diablo III to PS3 and PS4.

8:11 All these indie games getting their console debuts on PS4.

8:10 Oddworld: New and Tasty coming to PS4. Remake of the original.

8:08 Other indie silliness ensues. Including Octodad: Deadliest Catch. Does not include giant enemy crabs, muahahah. Finally, a joke that lands.

8:07 Indies can now self-publish on PS4 Store.

8:06 Transistor, coming 2014. Looks amazing, great simple art style.

8:04 It’s on to indies. Super Giant Games is up.

8:02 And the trailer descends into 4th wall silliness. What is going on?

8:01 So this is that old man we saw representing the PS4’s power earlier

8:00 Quantic Dream is bringing The Dark Sorcerer.

7:58 All inFamous coming Q1 2014, rest are launch games.

7:55 Onto Killzone: Shadowfall, Driveclub, inFamous: Second Son, Knack. Thankfully back to trailers now.

7:52 The Order 1886. Looks cool. No gameplay shown though.

7:51 Looking pretty steampunk. Guns ‘n’ horse drawn carriages, plus blimps.

7:51 First one by Ready at Dawn.

7:50 12/20 new IPs.

7:50 20 PS4 games planned for system’s launch year.

7:49 Seriously? Social media talk? You’re here to talk GAMES!

7:49 Head of Sony Worldwide Studios is on to finally talk games. That still means more talking.

7:47 Netflix and other streaming service talk. Move on Sony.

7:44 Sony Pictures bringing unique content to PSN. I don’t care.

7:43 Parallelogram. That’s the word I was looking for.

7:42 Okay, Sony Pictures dude Michael Lynton is up now.

7:39 Here it is… it looks like ahh… trapezoid?

7:38 Andrew House here to blather on. SHOW US THE BOX.

7:37 Now onto PS4.

7:36 GTA V getting PS3 bundle for $299. Special headset also coming.

7:36 PS3 getting exclusive DLC, including 1960s Batman skin.

7:33 “Special partnership” bringing Arkham Origins to PlayStation. Yeah okay.

7:31 Gran Turismo 6 is up next. I have to give Sony props for just blowing through all these game trailers. No awkward chats or demos.

7:31 Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls, Dafoe apparently less important.

7:29 Willem Dafoe: The Game on now.

7:28 Now for the profound singing of a child. Umm, another something, this one called Rain.

7:27 Something called Puppeteer coming, looked very LBP.

7:26 Yep, still looks amazing.

7:26 Moving on to PS3… The Last of Us first.

7:26 Vita owners will be able to remote-play PS4 games.

7:25 God of War 1+2 HD coming to Vita, as well as Flower, and Walking Dead.

7:24 Arkham Origins, Counterspy, Destiny of Spirits, Killzone, Tearaway, coming to Vita.

7:23 People love the Vita “once they get their hands on it.” Oof.

7:23 Vita, he swears is “just beginning its lifecycle.

7:22 Starting with PS3 and Vita news.

7:21 Jack Tretton hits the stage like a baws to Radioactive.

7:19 This is a montage of everything. i cannot begin to name all these games.

7:17 Sony finally opens with umm dubstep. People inside of shapes. I saw the word “Vita” briefly, guess it’s not dead.

7:16 Sweet relief. It’s here.

7:13 Come ooooonnnnnn.

7:02 Starting late. Come on Kaz, show us your true power.

E3 2013 Sony Conference Liveblog – Over