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Not my problem!

The final major conference of E3 2013 is Nintendo’s. Err, except it’s not a conference! The company will be broadcasting a major Wii U focused Nintendo Direct at 8am Mountain time, 7am pacific instead. I’m going to bravely treat it as a conference, however, and liveblog it right here.

Watch the Direct here, directly. I just have one question. Is your body ready?

8:47 I guess that’s it!

8:43 And the feed dropped. Is it over?

8:43 Oh snapple, MegaMan is a new challenger. YES.

8:42 Super Smash Bros. reconfirmed for Wii U and 3DS, coming 2014. Animal Crossing villager is a new character.

8:41 New arena like a wrestling ring.

8:41 Ahaha, Smash comes to Animal Crossing.

8:40 Final game… SMASH.

8:40 Iwata confirms you will ride in mechs, no kidding. Coming 2014.

8:39 Lot of vehicles and mechs in X. Looks incredible, of course.

8:38 Next, Monolithsoft presents…

8:37 Gameplay looks crazy frantic. Launching 2014.

8:37 Here comes the actual gameplay.

8:37 Yup, it’s awesome.

8:36 Wow, she got a haircut. Haha, this is gratuitous.

8:35 Bayonetta 2 being shown.

8:34 Dixie Kong is back! Boom! Hair spinning returns. DK Country Tropical Freeze. Coming November.

8:34 Camera swoops around, breaking out of 2D side perspective.

8:33 First DK in HD.

8:33 New enemies are animal vikings. Walruses, owls.

8:32 DKCR direct sequel. Finally water segments. It’s for Wii U.

8:33 New game incoming… NEW DONKEY KONG.

8:32 Wonderful 101 coming September 15.

8:31 And I just got skipped ahead to a Wonderful 101 video. No idea how much I missed. Grahh.

8:29 Moving on to Wind Waker now. Finally, a trailer! And of course it looks unbelievable. Still very cell shaded, fears of art style change overrated. Looked like a fast option for sailing added.

8:27 Now eShop games from indies: Ballpoint Universe , Cloudberry Kingdom, Coaster Crazy Deluxe, Ducktales: Remastered, D&D, Mutant Mudds Deluze, that Oddworld remake, Shovel Knight, Spin the Bottle (YES!!), A World of Keflings.

8:25 Assassin’s Creed IV, Arkham Origin (Wii U and 3DS), Deus Ex: HR, Disney Infinity, Just Dance 2014, Rayman Legends, Scribblenauts Unmasked (again, both systems), Disney’s Planes, SMT IV, Skylanders, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Sonic Lost World, Watch_Dogs, shown in sizzle reel.

8:24 3rd party talk now.

8:23 Miiverse users can post images created with features from Art Academy.

8:23 Wii Fit U is also delayed. Coming December.

8:22 Wii Party U is getting delayed out of Summer. October

8:21 80 new minigames, and some “tabletop” games that can be played with just the GamePad.

8:22 Onto Wii Party U.

8:21 Collection of online multiplayer modes, Iwata promises best yet. Coming Spring 2014.

8:20 The US stream is woefully behind, but I don’t want to skip ahead to the Japanese feed. Spoilers!

8:19 Mario Kart 8.

8:18 Underwater segments. Definitely an evolution on ideas from MK7.

8:17 Looks a bit sci-fi/Tron.

8:16 Mario Kart trailer, includes bikes, gliders, hover karts. Some crazy twisting F-Zero stuff going on.

8:15 Releasing in December!

8:14 Character moves will be familiar to those who played Mario 2/USA.

8:14 Toad is blue, I guess to differentiate with colouration. Peach can hover, Toad is faster.

8:13 Iwata confirms it’s evolution of 3D Land style gameplay.

8:12 Super Mario 3D World, logo includes cat tail.

8:12 Looks like they’ve finally found a way to work coop into 3D Mario. Oh snap, Chargin’ chuck.

8:11 Cat Mario can climb up walls. Luigi, Peach, and Toad also playable! I also see POW blocks. Bit of Mario 2/US flavour?

8:11 Cat Mario, new suit. Tons of goombas and… mice enemies.

8:10 Wow, Mario looks very 3D Land. Same camera.

8:08 I’m hearing reports of 3D Mario and Kart from the Japanese feed. Graaah.

8:06 Iwata is reviewing the new Pokemon features. This 40 minute video will take about 80 minutes to watch.

8:05 Great, there’s a Tamogochi feature in X&Y.

8:04 New Poke-type: Fairy.

8:03 X&Y looks great. I can tell because I have several seconds to admire each frame.

8:02 There’s some Pokemon, but mostly buffering. Quick X and Y promo.

8:01 Ugh buffering. Iwata is standing in an investor briefing room. And buffering…

8:00 It’s on! Iwata to start.

7:59 Somehow, this thing is only 40 minutes in length. Let’s hope they pack it tight.

7:57 Less than 3 minutes until Smash, Mario, and Kart.

E3 2013 Nintendo Conference Liveblog – Over