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Image: Don Mattrick with the infernal machine. Microsoft.

We’ll be live blogging all three of the big conferences of E3 2013 (that includes Nintendo’s special “Direct”) right here on

Microsoft will kick things off tomorrow morning, on June 10, 2013, with its XBone festival of nightmares. Check back on this very page at 9:30 am Pacific (that’s 10:30 am Mountain!) to witness the madness unfolds as it happens… in text form.

If you want to embrace the future and watch the actual video stream of the event, you can do so here.

11:57: To close… one more exclusive. Titanfall from Respawn. One/360/PC exclusive.

11:55: $499/499Euro/429pounds. This November.

11:54: New Halo FPS for XBox One. Still no subtitle or number.

11:53: Oh snap, it’s Master Chief. Un-numbered Halo game.

11:52: Also One exclusive, a dude trudging through a desert.

11:51: Black Tusk in Vancouver is making something pretty.

11:51: Five new studios for XBone AAA exclusives.

11:50: Below. Looks cool, at least it’s something different.

11:50: Another XBox One exclusive, a roguelike.

11:49: Battlefield 4 map pack coming to Gold members first.

11:48: Battlefield 4 continues. Just can’t deal with those “bouncy” FPS controls.

11:42: Looks pretty good. A shooter with colour. Just imagine!

11:42: TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. Fanboys laugh from the crowd. God this is awkward.

11:42: Add “dynamic” to that list of keywords.

11:42: Battlefield 4 is 60 fps.

11:41: Here comes EA/Dice.

11:40: Yep, it’s Witcher.

11:39 “Epic,” “non-linear,” “free-roaming.” The dictionary of next gen.

11:38: Now Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Coming to One. Surprise!

11:37: SmartGlass lets you call in artillery support.

11:35: So disappointing. Another series goes brown and red. Not one zombie clown. Grimdark to the max.

11:32: Next gen blood and gore. Doesn’t look nearly as whimsical as predecessors.

11:31: Capcom Vancouver dudes up next. Open world zombie game… Dead Rising 3. One exclusive.

11:30: Prince and Dragon – I mean CRIMSON Dragon, One exclusive. From creator of Panzer Dragoon. No audio, can hear the raw fanboy cries of the audience.

11:29: Moving to real-money currency.

11:28: Can live broadcast gameplay on Twitch.

11:27: Curate, edit, publish gameplay videos from XBone Upload Studio.

11:26: “Just let it happen, it’ll be over soon!” Said the rape-y man to his female victim.

11:26: Finally, Killer Instinct demo. Playing with actual arcade controls. Requisite incredibly lame trash-talking.

11:25: Smart glass can offer tips in Ryse while she plays.

11:24: Smart glass is being demoed. Here comes the backlash.

11:23: Smart glass, game DVR, smart match. Booooorrrrring.

11:22: Montage of Project Spark creations. I’m not clear on the point yet. Seeing everything from keyboard simulations to Geometry Wars done with it.

11:21: Looks like you can coordinate environmental manipulation with other attacks to fight off goblins.

11:20 All objects have “brains” that you can customize. Select AI for them to follow. Makes a rock friend. “Rock and roll” joke.

11:20: Now another guy is using a Smartglass enabled tablet to add detail. Dropped a dude in.

11:19: Project Spark. Guy is shouting vague build instructions to an environment generator.

11:18: Oh no. I see a guy with a tablet.

11:16: And now something cell shaded – D4. No idea what it is.

11:16: QB voice acting: “pwaah!”

11:14: Time for Quantum Break talk.

11:13: I guess when you don’t have BC, you get to re-release all of your last gen games and call them new.

11:13: Minecraft is coming to One. Looks like more of the same.

11:12: Phil is talking up indie devs.

11:11: Here comes Phil Harrison. Says Forza is a launch game.

11:10: Have you ever seen Multiplicity? Yeah, this is leading to scary places.

11:08: “Drivatar” learns your style as you race and stores your data in the cloud. Your Drivatar races online for you when you’re busy having a life.

11:08 LIMITLESS POWER OF CLOUD COMPUTING is taking Forza V to the next level. Get me out of here.

11:07 Pure car wank. Double yawn.

11:06: McLaren P1. Yeah, I don’t care.

11:05: And now Forza. Showing off some car.

11:03: Insomniac’s game is Sunset Overdrive. Looks like free running Mirror’s Edge knock-off with alien/mutants. CG trailer though, so who knows.

11:02: Insomniac is bringing an XBone exclusive.

11:02: And I guess that’s all we get on KI.

11:02: Ohhhhh snap. Killer Instinct is back.

11:01: Crytek hits the stage. Ah, Ryse is their game. One launch game.

10:59: So much QTE.

10:58: I played this on GameCube. It was called LotR: The Two Towers. Arrows!

10:57: I see quick time events!

10:55: Roman styled hack’n’slash action, but with all the “grit” and bromantical manliness of Gears.

10:54: New franchise: Ryse: Son of Rome.

10:53: Phil Spencer is out to talk XBone. Claims MS is expanding its studios.

10:52: Dark Souls II, also for 360.

10:51: We’re onto dudes in armour hacking and slashing to nu-metal.

10:50: 360 is also getting Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. 2D platformer.

10:48: World of Tanks dude is now explaining how awesome 360 is. Yawn.

10:47: Looking for more 360 Mini details. Thing looks tiny.

10:46: 360 is getting World of Tanks. Console exclusive.

10:45: Two 360 games a month free for Gold members.

10:44: NEW 360 redesign. Available today.

10:43: 13 next-gen titles only for XBone to be revealed.

10:43: Kojima just butchered the English language dead. I didn’t catch one word.

10:42: Kojima and Mattrick take the stage.

10:40: Well this is ridiculously dramatic. I would expect no less from Kojima.

10:40: And there it is… Kiefer Sutherland as the new voice of Snake.

10:39: Waiting to hear Kiefer.

10:38: MGS to include stealth horse riding, realtime weather.

10:36: Opening with MGS V: The Phantom Pain.

10:36: We are live!

10:32: Any second now. Annnny second now.

10:17: Rare dude just blew it… One is launching in November.

10:13: Rare bringing Kinect Sports Rivals to XBone launch. Still waiting on that classic IP announcement.

10:07: Phil Spencer says a classic Rare IP is about to be revived. Less than 30 minutes to go!

9:00: We’re hearing rumours that Microsoft is bribing 3rd parties not to mention PS4 versions of multi-platform games. Question everything. Doubt everyone.

E3 2013 Microsoft Conference Liveblog – Over