Sony’s E3 2012 press conference will be held at 6PM Pacific Daylight Time on June 4, 2012. That’s 7PM for those of us staying up wildly late in the most Mountainous of time zones (please note: I have no idea if the Mountain time zone is actually the most mountainous). The event can be viewed live right here, but for those of you who prefer your news in bite-sized text format, I will be live blogging the whole thing right on this page and on Twitter.

7:26 Jack’s here to close this thing out. That’s it!

7:25 Crowd goes crazy for Last of Us, then Jack’s mic doesn’t work.

7:23 Molotov cocktail takes out a couple guys in absolutely brutal fashion. This game looks amazing.

7:22 Life bar notably does not regenerate.

7:21 Last of Us features some pretty intense stealth-ing. Dude getting choked out hardcore.

7:20 Ambient noises and sounds of a chase lead to The Last of Us.

7:18 Stage goes dark, something crazy is happening…

7:18 God of War Ascension due March 2013.

7:17 The stabbing and the bloodying continues…

7:15 God of War is God of War. I see both hacking and slashing going on, often in conjunction.

7:10 Jack’s finally back to talk exclusives. Boom, here’s God of War.

7:07 HTC partnership announced. PlayStation Mobile coming.

7:05 Aaand Twitter account is suspended. Will keep up the live blogging on Splodinator.

7:03 Yeah fine, it’s nice Sony is trying new things, but this might be the dullest demo I’ve seen. And so many house points given away suggests serious inflation concerns at Hogwarts!

7:00 Fire exits joke falls painfully flat as Book of Spells demo drags ever onward.

6:59 Well, this conference got painful fast. Is anyone going to actually play this?

6:56 Book of Spells lets you cast spells with Move wand.

6:56 Book of Spells Wonderbook collaboration with JK Rowling.

6:56 Andy reminds me of a forgettable supervillain.

6:54 Wonderbook for PS3 uses PS Eye augmented reality to interact with special books.

6:53 Oh no, family story time. Cue lameness.

6:52 Andy House is here, he seems to be the new Kaz. I miss Kaz Prime. 🙁

6:51 Jack notes Move is additive, not exclusive to motion enthusiasts.

6:50 Jack’s going to talk Move. Wow! What is that wheel monstrosity pictured behind him?

6:49 Co-op players can’t stop stepping on each others words. Game can’t stop tearing and pop-in.

6:46 Ubi’s Dan Hay has the manliest voice of all time. Far Cry 3 to feature 4p co-op.

6:45 Jack stumbles back onto the stage in slow motion. ACIII will come with PS3 bundle and exclusive DLC.

6:43 Well, ACIII certainly looks and sounds impressive.

6:41 Mysteriously quiet on the price of that Vita bundle. Makes me wonder if a price announcement is coming.

6:39 Crystal White Wi-Fi Vita package with ACIII: Liberation.

6:38 AC III Liberation is built from the ground up for Vita. Female lead.

6:37 New Vita game from Ubisoft, Assassin’s Creed.

6:36 Activision is bringing CoD to Vita, Jack claims it will be the first AAA FPS for a handheld. Black Ops Declassified.

6:35 Oh boy, PSN includes a ton of streaming services. Thanks for reminding me, Jack.

6:34 PS1 Classics finally coming to Vita. Includes Tomb Raider and FFVII.

6:33 Sony’s Oprah giving it up! YOU get a free game! And YOU get a free game!

6:33 Jack’s giving crowd 1 year PS Plus membership. Bribe those journalists, Sony.

6:32 PlayStation Plus to get stack of new free games for members.

6:30 Oh good, charts and graphics. 80% of PS3 and Vitas are online.

6:28 Jack just called All-Stars “one of a kind.” Heh.

6:27 Two new characters for All-Stars: Nathan Drake and Big Daddy.

6:25 Okay, Sweet Tooth’s level three super is pretty amusing. Looked reasonably controllable too.

6:24 Players beat on each other to build super moves of higher and higher levels.

6:23 Super Smash Battle All-Stars looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

6:23 All-Stars will be playable on Vita as well with cross play.

6:21 All-Stars Battle Royale about to be be promo-d by six people wearing very colourful, very different shirts.

6:20 Jack’s very proud of the Michael ad, and that has something to do with Battle Royale.

6:20 Beyond promises to be emotional and mature. Still not sure what the gameplay actually… is.

6:15 Page’s character has some obvious problems, and I think psychic abilities.

6:12 Beyond’s lead will be played by Ellen Page.

6:12 Beyond takes place over the course of a woman’s life, explore the afterlife.

6:10 New IP from makers of Heavy Rain, Beyond.

6:10 And Jack welcomes Kaz Hirai… swoon. Jack says: “I love you man.”

6:07 Jack’s describing the insanity of E3, and thanking gamers watching worldwide.

6:06 Jack Tretton is here to start off the show.

6:04 The power of montage… this conference is already better than Microsoft’s.

6:01 Show opens with… a montage, followed by another montage.

E3 2012 Sony Conference Liveblog – Over