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Image: Sony.

Sony’s E3 2011 press conference will be held at 5PM Pacific Daylight Time on June 6, 2011. That’s 6PM here in the Mountain Time Zone.

I will be liveblogging the conference right on this page. This exact location on the the internet is where you’ll be able to read about everything coming out of Sony’s press conference as it happens.

8:03 And we’re out with press demoing games. Goodnight Sony!

8:00 Crazy drum performance to end this thing. And now, a DJ. Just cut the stream please.

7:59 Jack Tretton’s back. Mention’s Kaz’s “Ridge Racer” line. Take this thing home Jack.

7:56 Kaz says publishers are on board. Coming holiday season 2011 confirmed. Wi-fi only model: $249/249Euro/24,980yen, 3G: $299/299Euro/29,980yen.

7:53 Vita sizzle reel shows: Uncharted, Little Big Planet, pool game, Mod Nation Racers, fighting game using real faces, plenty of other decent looking stuff I don’t recognize.

7:51 Well Sony, this isn’t a train wreck, but it’s just so boring.

7:51 Cole from inFamous is in Street Fighter X Tekken.

7:49 Capcom guy is here to talk Street Fighter X Tekken. Vita version is on the way in addition to PS3. His translator is casual, but, you know, not utterly bored.

7:48 Street Fighter X Tekken promo shown.

7:46 Showing some LBP creativity, potential on Vita.

7:44 This conference is loooong.

7:43 Vita to have end of 2011 worldwide launch.

7:40 Vita Mod Nation Racers being demoed. This guy’s a heavy breather too.

7:39 BREAKING: Vita will be $250 for base model, $300 for 3G (news not from conference).

7:35 Uh-oh, mic problems. Ruin studio guy is breathing heavy too.

7:34 RPG/action game for Vita, also compatible with PS3. Called Ruin announced.

7:32 Guide Drake with touch screen. Reminds me of Kirby’s Canvas Curse.

7:31 Traditional controls and touch: both options on Vita. This game seriously appears near-PS3 level graphically.

7:29 This has been the Uncharted show. Boring. Still better than Microsoft’s show by a long shot though.

7:28 Scott Rohde is here to chat Vita Uncharted Golden Abyss.

7:27 “Near” social connection service sounds like 3DS connectivity.

7:27 Pricing coming soon? Soon? Come on Kaz!

7:26 Vita to have 3G and non-3G features. AT&T exclusive carrier (audience gasps audible, not kidding).

7:25 All the controlls, touch panels, and cameras we already knew about listed off as features.

7:25 He’s pronouncing it Vee-tah. What about Wii-ta, Kaz?


7:23 Come on Kaz, just say the name. We know it’s not “Next Generation Portable.”

7:22 PlayStation Suite chat about PS Certified Android phones. Nothing new…

7:21 Kaz references outage. Talks consumer loyalty, thanks them.

7:20 Kaz loves the tie too! Ohh Kaz…


7:18 Jack promises EA’s got SSX (Mt. Fuji level exclusive to PS3), Need for Speed: The Run (extra cars for PS3), and Battlefield 3 (includes Battlefield 1943 on PS3 disc).

7:16 New Star Trek game announced (except we heard about this days ago). Oooh… phaser accessory being made for use with Move.

7:15 Saint’s Row on November 15 with exclusive content.

7:15 PS3 exclusive: Get original BioShock with Infinite.

7:14 Ken’s working on a game for NGP too.

7:13 Hey third parties, Wii had potential for this stuff too if you had paid attention.

7:12 Ken Levine is here to talk about motion controls in BioShock.

7:10 BioShock Infinite looks cool. Feel like I’ve seen this though.

7:09 Dear Microsoft, having a limited number of hosts helps anchor your show. Think about it.

7:07 Yep, still looks like every other futuristic shooter.

7:06 Dust 514 to have PS3, NGP, and PC cross-platform persistent MMO world.

7:05 EVE Online dude is on. He’s talking about his proud Icelandic heritage. Also, new online shooter called Dust 514.

7:04 This is a dull conference, but I’m enjoying the mix of genres. Microsoft’s was nothing but shooters and super-casual Kinect stuff, Sony’s got those extremes and plenty in-between.

7:03 Sly Cooper is back!

7:02 Now we’re looking at something called Starhawk. Looks like Red Faction with mechs.

7:00 Little Big Planet getting Move functionality. Levels with and for Move. Did he just say “millions” of Move titles will soon be available? What?

6:58 Infamous 2 is coming out tomorrow, but they’re showing it off now anyway.

6:58 House of the Dead Overkill is coming to PS3 Move.

6:57 Medieval Moves certainly looks a lot more playable, and a lot more interactive than anything on the Kinect. Controllers redeemed.

6:55 Most boring presenter in history. You gotta sell it man. “Nice shot Jeremy” in least interested voice possible. “Blow. Uh. Up. Ex-explosive. Barrel.”

6:54 Projectiles determined by movement. Bow/arrow action reminiscent of previous Move games.

6:52 Medieval Moves: Deadman’s Quest about to be shown for Move.

6:51 Kobe’s excited about NBA 2K12. New Move Pointer control makes it more intuitive than ever (supposedly).

6:49 Kobe Bryant is out to demo NBA 2K!

6:47 2K dude just used the term “man cave.”

6:46 Individual pairs of glasses will be $70.

6:44 New Active 3D glasses. TV and glasses bundled together with Resistance 3 coming out for $499.

6:44 New 3D product: PlayStation branded display, 24″ 3D TV. Two players can see two different things at the same time with glasses.

6:43 God of War PSP games coming to PS3 in 3D. This September. Ico/Shadow of the Colossus bundle, same thing.

6:42 $150 Resistance bundle with Move stuff and gun dock.

6:42 I just notice, Jack’s wearing a bright blue tie on a salmon shirt. Yikes

6:41 Yep, Resistance looks like Resistance.

6:39 Resistance dude getting demanding: “put on your glasses.”

6:37 Insomniac out to show Resistance 3.

6:37 Jack’s excited about Uncharted 3’s sales potential.

6:35 More uncharted, now in 3DDDDDD. Out November 1, 2011.

6:34 Uncahrted multiplayer incoming. Beta hits June 28. Going to Subway will get you early online access.

6:30 Wow, water flooding in as boat sinks. Got to be the best graphics of current gen. Period.

6:28 Uncharted showing off impressive boat physics. Bottles roll around as boat wobbles. Nathan’s stealth skills astounding.

6:28 Random hollering from the crowd as demo begins. Uncharted looks like Uncharted. Yep, really should be Nathan Fillion.

6:27 Naughty Dog dudes are coming out. Uncharted 3 about to be demoed!

6:26 Jack’s chatting up online content. Snore…

6:24 Network activity has returned to 90% of previous levels.

6:23 To consumers: “you are the lifeblood of the company.” Apologizes personally and on behalf of the company.

6:22 Brings up “elephant in the room.” Jack says “you’re welcome” to the press for giving them controversy. Thankful for third party patience, retailers.

6:21 Jack’s glad we could join him. That’s nice.

6:21 Jack Tretton IS HERE. JACK WALKS ON STAGE. I repeat, we have an exec spotted.

6:18 I’m seeing God of War, Uncharted footage. Resident Evil, everything. Don’t know that any of this is new.

6:17 NGP footage shows wobbling dual sticks. Milk those “Features,” Sony.

6:16 Opening montage shows… sweeping blue lines and Sony systems.

6:16 Okay, for real this time. Something is happening.

6:13 And now we’re looking at a darkened room full of press. Funkadelic music is back. This is going to be a long night.

6:12 Meredith Molinari still talking. About nothing, I think.

6:10 Oh good, the host of the world renowned PSN show The Tester is on interviewing devs.

6:08 Two commentators chatting it up outside. Hyping live-streaming like I care.

6:07 Signs of life. Wait, a pre-filmed preview? Ugh, what is this? A preview show! Come on!

6:06 Sony’s stream just changed placeholder images for a split second. Maybe something is happening!

6:02 Sony’s late! Come on, I can’t listen to this trance music forever!

6:00 The music is getting so… slow and reflective. How many PSN apologies tonight? 5? 10?

5:52 Live stream from Sony’s blog is go.

5:48 The Sony conference is about 10 minutes away and I’m settling into my liveblogging chair. Get ready.

E3 2011 Sony Conference Liveblog – Over