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Splode Plays New Super Mario Bros. U

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The Splode Plays insanity continues with Newbs and Candid Gamera taking a look at the newest of new Mario games, New Super Mario Bros. U. "U" will have a heck of a good time watching this video.

Splode Plays Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Welcome to the second Splode Plays one-off episode (but what was supposed to be the first). This time around, Newbs and Weskimo embrace their 20 year long video game rivalry by facing off in mortal Super Smash Bro...

Splode Plays Nintendo Land

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Welcome to the first ever Splode Plays one-off episode. In this outing, Newbs and sulci take their first look at Nintendo Land, the sometimes-bundled Wii U launch game.