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My Mystic Quest: Wrapping Up Final Fantasy VI

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I'm here to officially announce that my most recent playthrough of Final Fantasy VI is over. In my last entry for My Mystic Quest, I declared that I would be as "completion-ist as possible," and as it turns out, th...

My Mystic Quest: Grinding Through Final Fantasy VI

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Fun fact: this website includes a blog where I occasionally update my readers on whatever Final Fantasy gaming I've been doing lately. It's called My Mystic Quest. You're reading its newest entry right now. The las...

My Mystic Quest: Revisiting Final Fantasy VI

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Feeling overwhelmed by E3, I felt the urge to return to something more familiar in my limited relaxation time the last two weeks. I've been playing Final Fantasy VI. That means no new updates on my playthrough of Fi...

My Mystic Quest: The Larger World

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Folks, I've blundered through a few more hours of Final Fantasy VII, and can now proudly say that I have gained access to the overworld, which I am now wandering in an effort to figure out what to do next. Reaching...

My Mystic Quest: Final Fantasy VII’s first hour

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Welcome back to "My Mystic Quest," the blog series where I chart my progress through the Final Fantasy franchise, beginning with my virgin trek through VII. I'm happy to report that I have begun playing the game an...

Final Fantasy: My Mystic Quest

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I have a confession to make. This may seem like a rather embarrassing and unfortunate situation for a video game blogger to be in, but I've never played Final Fantasy VII. In fact, I've never played any Final Fantas...